If an Eagle candidate meets the following criteria, they may be eligible for an extension of time to earn the Eagle rank.

Test #1:  The member joined or rejoined (or became active again after a period of inactivity or became refocused on advancement after a period of inattention) in time to complete all requirements before turning 18.

Test #2:  Through no fault or choice of the Scout, an unforeseen circumstance or life-changing event with severe consequences has come to exist that now precludes completion of the requirements before the deadline.

Examples might include, but are not limited to, a hospital stay, disabling injury, significant personal or family

incident or issue, natural disaster, severe unseasonable weather, or the actions of others. If the circumstance is health related, it should have been unforeseen and of recent onset, or a complication or intensification of an ongoing issue.

Test #3:  The circumstance is beyond the control of the Scout, could not have been anticipated or planned for, and did not or cannot be resolved in time to complete the requirements.

For more detailed information, please review section Time Extensions in the Guide to Advancement.

The Guide to Advancement can be found here:  https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf

Find the Request for Extension of Time to Earn the Eagle Scout Rank here:


Submit "Request for Extension of Time to Earn the Eagle Scout Rank" application along with supporting documents to eaglecandidate@bsa-gnyc.org for consideration.

All advancement must be recorded before the request can be moved along for committee consideration.