2024 TMR Summer Camp Health Form and HealthForms.Io Q & A’s

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2024 TMR Summer Camp Health Form and HealthForms.Io Q & A’s


Find TMR Medical Form and Other Useful Documents Here 

Q: What is HealthForms.Io?

A: For 2024, TMR will allow units to upload their medical records prior to camp via HealthForms.Io Invitations to participate were sent to all registered campers and unit leaders who had provided email addresses. The benefit of this system is it will allow us to securely receive medical records prior to attendance at camp, allowing our staff to review and catch potential issues before the campers arrive. This will also help us with our check-in process as well. 


An additional benefit is that registration contacts will be able to track the upload progress for their unit. An invitation for an administrative account will be sent to all registration contacts. 


Q: Why did the health form change in 2024? 

A: In April 2024, the Sullivan County Local Board of Health Public Health issued Order No. 1 - 2024 Children's Camps which changed the vaccination requirements for all Summer Camp programs operating in the region. This order included additional vaccination documentation requirements for all youth campers. It also set a requirement that no camp will permit a camper to attend unless this documentation has been provided. It also defined that only medical exemptions will be permitted.


Q: What is the difference between the 2023 and 2024 medical form?

A: The 2024 TMR Medical Form has been updated to highlight the new required vaccinations per Order No. 1 - 2024 and the rules now governing obtaining medical exemptions. There is one new additional document; the Sunscreen and Bug Spray Permission Form. This document is required for all campers.


Q: What if I already filled out the original TMR Medical Form? 

A: We can still accept the previous medical form provided that the required vaccination documentation is also provided and that the Sunscreen and Bug Spray Permission Form is also attached.


Q: Will each camper get an email to register or are the scouters parents getting the email? Q: Will each camper get an email to register or are the scouters parents getting the email?

A: The parents should receive an email for the healthform system


Q: How do we as leaders ensure that all scouters have entered all of health info on the new health io link? Will we receive statuses to follow up?

A: The registration contact will be receiving an invite to be a group administrator. This will allow you to see the status on forms for the families in your unit. This is a feature that will be released by HealthForms.Io shortly.


Q: We have some families where email/internet/language are limited, if the scouters health info is not submitted on the new link, can we still bring the actual paperwork at the start of camp?

A: Physical forms are still perfectly fine to bring to camp. The idea with HealthForms.Io is to try to catch any gaps in information prior to arrival at camp and to help with speeding along the check-in process.


Q: If partial info is submitted, who will get notified of missing needed? Scouters? Parent? Or leader?

A: Parents will have a progress bar on submissions, and we will be reviewing documents as they come in. If a document is missing information or invalid, we can “reject” a document and the system will notify the family on the issue and why it needs to be corrected/resubmitted. Unit leaders will be able to see this progress once the group leader feature is released.


Q: I am a leader and also my child will be attending camp as well. There is a +family link that when I try to add her as a family member, all it does is go back to the top when the info is completed and submit is clicked (the family member is not added).

A: You should have everyone connected with you under one account.


Q: Do adult participants need to have vaccination documentation as well? 

A: Adults only require documentation for Tetanus vaccination. This is a national requirement for all scout camps and must have been received within the last 10 years. Otherwise, adult program participants do not need to provide vaccination documentation on their medical form. 


Q: How do I request a medical exemption for vaccinations? 

A: Please provide a signed letter from a healthcare provider requesting exemption from the vaccination. 


Q: How do I request a religious or personal exemption for vaccinations?
 A: We are not permitted to issue exemption for religious or personal reasons.


Q: I cannot attend camp due to the new vaccination requirement. How do I cancel my registration? 

A: Please contact us at supportdesk@nycscouting.org


Q: Do we need to use HealthForms.Io?

A: It is optional. Units can still provide the physical medical records during check in, however it is critical that units carefully check that all required records are in place per Order No. 1 – 2024. Campers who do not have all of the required vaccinations recorded will not be permitted to stay. 


Q: I am having trouble accessing my HealthForms.Io account. Can someone help?

A: Please contact us at supportdesk@nycscouting.org

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