What does a NOVA Counselor Do?  

NOVA Counselors teach the NOVA Awards in their unit, district or to any youth wanting to learn STEM.  Any adult with an interest in promoting STEM may register as a NOVA Counselor. 


Who can become a NOVA Counselor?

Any adult (21 or older) who is registered with the Boy Scouts of America and has completed youth protection training.

How do I register as a NOVA Counselor?

Complete the Online NOVA Counselor Training Learning Modules can be found here: Counselors & Mentors | Boy Scouts of America (scouting.org) 

STEM Nova Counselors and Supernova Mentors may not deliver the program or meet with any Scouting youth until their BSA adult leader application has been approved and processed, including completion of Youth Protection Training.  

Please submit your complete the attached Nova and/or Super Nova application along with appropriate attachments to:

GNYC STEM Sub-committee c/o Shawn Spencer or Donnie Collins via email: Cubpack255@hotmail.com


Click here for BSA Adult Application 524-501.pdf (scouting.org) 

Click here for the Guide to Safe Scouting (PDF)

Click here for Guide to Advancement (PDF)