Alpine Scout Camp FAQ

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How many Cabins does Alpine have?

  • Alpine Scout Camp has 14 Cabins. (1)-10p (1)-16p (2)-20p (10)-14p
  • Cabin reservation includes up to 2 tents.  Additional Tent Fee (3+)

What is the process and cost to do archery or BB gun at Alpine? 

  • Weekend program pricing and sign ups can be found at
  • How can I confirm my program reservation?
    • There is no confirmation. Alpine runs everything the weekends camp is open. If the weather does not permit the program, refunds are offered.  
    • “Program Pass” closes Thursday morning before camp weekend. 
    • If you'd like to wait, there is a door rate (not the discounted rate).

What does the lunch menu contain in the Alpine Pass? Are there options for Scouts with dietary restrictions?

  • It varies from week to week, but some typical meals are burgers and fries or nuggets and a side etc. There are options with dietary restrictions. The sooner you let us know the better, but we can always work something up.

How does the timing/rotation of BB Guns, Archery, and Climbing work? We anticipate about 30 Cub Scouts attending and want to ensure we have enough time to participate in all the events sufficiently.

  • Most weekends the program is open all day. There is no timed slots for units to visit each area. Each weekend our Program Admin will send out an update on that weekend's program to make sure you guys are prepared.

Do parents/caring adults have the opportunity to participate in the events as well (BBs and Archery specifically) – if yes, do they pay the same $40/person?

  • Yes if the parent or adult would like to participate they can. It is the same price for scouts and adults. If they choose to do the pass or the a la carte option- that is up to them (sometimes it ends up being cheaper to just buy the pass)

Does Alpine Scout Camp have a sibling policy if we have Scout families who will be participating as “day campers” only? We have been to some facilities where siblings are allowed to participate, but again, are required to pay the fee.

  • Yup! As long as they are old enough to participate in the activities they are welcome to purchase a pass or a la carte. 

If siblings are not allowed to participate (thinking liability/insurance compliance) are they able to pay $10 to eat lunch if parents/caring adults still need to bring them along for the day?

  • If anyone chooses not to participate in the programs, they are most certainly welcome to purchase lunch. You can find that on the same link to sign up for any of the program

Will the comfort stations be open?

  • Comfort stations are generally open year-round. 

Are there platforms on sites?

  • There are platforms in all the cub world sites. Site 5 has concrete platforms. 

Are there picnic tables on sites?

  • There are picnic tables in all of the cub world sites. 

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